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Some reasons why I’m voting for President Barack Obama.

Not that anyone really cares, but hey, it’s Tumblr, so I figured I’d share why I’m voting Obama/Biden on the 6th.

I’m a woman. No, seriously, this is one of the reasons. President Obama has a firm stance on women health issues- that what goes on in a woman’s uterus is up to the woman that owns said uterus. Romney is against most forms of birth control and would (happily) overturn Roe vs. Wade. He has also said he would defund Planned Parenthood, which gives away thousands of pap tests, mammograms, and other health services to women who otherwise can’t afford them. The right wing believes it’s okay that Medicaid pays for Viagra, but not birth control. Seems kind of hypocritical, right?

I’m Pansexual. Mitt Romney has stated that he would add a Constitutional amendment stating that marriage is between a man and a woman. President Barack Obama believes in human equality. As a Pansexual woman, that means it is possible for me to fall in love with any gender, so by voting Romney/Ryan I would be shooting myself in the foot. Romney is a bigot of the worstkind and I personally don’t think bigots should be allowed to run our country. I’m no different from the rest of the country other than I love people for who they are (not what’s between their legs), so why should I be fighting for the same rights everyone else has?

I have a pre-existing condition. I have Meniere’s Disease, which is an inner ear disorder that causes severe vertigo, nausea, drop attacks, and hearing loss. It’s hard to diagnose and difficult to treat. It runs in my family (three cases in three generations) and I’ve been fighting it since I was fifteen. It took many years and many doctors to be able to get the right diagnosis. There’s a good chance that my son may end up inheriting it too and thankfully, Obamacare prevents insurance companies from denying children with pre-existing conditions. This leads into my next point.

I’m a mother. I have a young son and like every other mother, I want the best for him. I want him to go to college and to be able to get financial aid if he needs it. I want him to be able to marry and spend his life with who he will love, regardless of whether they are a man or a woman. I want him to be able to afford decent healthcare and lead a healthy life. I just want him to be happy and to be able to have opportunities to choose a career he will love. I truly believe that President Obama is the best for our country and, by default, the best for my son’s future.

So, those are just a few of my reasons for voting for President Obama and Vice President Biden next Tuesday. Whoever you decide to vote for, make sure you do go out and vote. Make your voice heard.

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